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Fall Semester, 2004
Hibernate & Glorp Install
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CS 683 Emerging Technologies Fall Semester, 2004 Doc 28 Hibernate & Glorp Install


Installing Hibernate


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Installing Hibernate

Download Page:

Click on the Download from SourceForge link on that page

Download hibernate-2.1.6 and hibernate-extensions-2.1.2

Uncompress the files, no compilation is needed

To run Hibernate you need a


You can use any database you wish

Free databases:

JDBC Drivers


MySQL Connector/J


Setting Your Classpath

The following jar files need to be in your classpath

Optional jar files

The following files need to be edited and placed in a directory that is in your classpath

Running Hibernate

It is a bit difficult to run Hibernate by hand due to the jar files


For those that know Ant for an example see


No plugins are needed to run Hibernate programs

Useful Free Eclipse plugins

Problem with Properties Files

On my machine not being loaded

public class Main {
   public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
   public static void loadProperties() throws IOException {
      Properties all = new Properties(System.getProperties());


Latest Version

Go to the CINCOM public repository, load in this order:

Preview version

The VisualWorks installation contains a earlier version

Load in the following order:

PostgreSQL connection is already in VW image

MySQL connection is available from CINCOM store, but not highly reliable

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