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Packages that use Certificate
javax.microedition.io MID Profile includes networking support based on the Generic Connection framework from the Connected, Limited Device Configuration
javax.microedition.pki Certificates are used to authenticate information for secure Connections. 

Uses of Certificate in javax.microedition.io

Methods in javax.microedition.io that return Certificate
 Certificate SecurityInfo.getServerCertificate()
          Returns the Certificate used to establish the secure connection with the server.

Uses of Certificate in javax.microedition.pki

Methods in javax.microedition.pki that return Certificate
 Certificate CertificateException.getCertificate()
          Get the Certificate that caused the exception.

Constructors in javax.microedition.pki with parameters of type Certificate
CertificateException(Certificate certificate, byte status)
          Create a new exception with a Certificate and specific error reason.
CertificateException(String message, Certificate certificate, byte status)
          Create a new exception with a message, Certificate, and specific error reason.

MID Profile

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