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javax.microedition.media The MIDP 2.0 Media API is a directly compatible building block of the Mobile Media API (JSR-135) specification. 

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 void Player.realize()
          Constructs portions of the Player without acquiring the scarce and exclusive resources.
 void Player.prefetch()
          Acquires the scarce and exclusive resources and processes as much data as necessary to reduce the start latency.
 void Player.start()
          Starts the Player as soon as possible.
 void Player.stop()
          Stops the Player.
 long Player.setMediaTime(long now)
          Sets the Player's media time.
static Player Manager.createPlayer(String locator)
          Create a Player from an input locator.
static Player Manager.createPlayer(InputStream stream, String type)
          Create a Player to play back media from an InputStream.
static void Manager.playTone(int note, int duration, int volume)
          Play back a tone as specified by a note and its duration.

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