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javax.microedition.media The MIDP 2.0 Media API is a directly compatible building block of the Mobile Media API (JSR-135) specification. 
javax.microedition.media.control This package defines the specific Control types that can be used with a Player

Uses of Control in javax.microedition.media

Methods in javax.microedition.media that return Control
 Control[] Controllable.getControls()
          Obtain the collection of Controls from the object that implements this interface.
 Control Controllable.getControl(String controlType)
          Obtain the object that implements the specified Control interface.

Uses of Control in javax.microedition.media.control

Subinterfaces of Control in javax.microedition.media.control
 interface ToneControl
          ToneControl is the interface to enable playback of a user-defined monotonic tone sequence.
 interface VolumeControl
          VolumeControl is an interface for manipulating the audio volume of a Player.

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