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FIGURE 1 Packaging and Signing a MIDlet Suite

FIGURE 2 KToolbar Main Window

FIGURE 3 Console Output After Creating a Project

FIGURE 4 Settings API Selection Tab

FIGURE 5 Project Settings Required Tab Dialog

FIGURE 6 Sample of a Push Registry

FIGURE 7 API Permissions Selection Dialog Box

FIGURE 8 Console Output After Packaging

FIGURE 9 Stub Generator Dialog

FIGURE 10 Profiler Window

FIGURE 11 Memory Monitor Window

FIGURE 12 Memory Monitor Graph

FIGURE 13 Memory Monitor Objects Table

FIGURE 14 Message Key and Value Pair

FIGURE 15 Message Body

FIGURE 16 Performance Settings

FIGURE 17 Default Color Phone Device and Default Gray Phone Device

FIGURE 18 MediaControlSkin Device

FIGURE 19 Qwerty Handheld Device

FIGURE 20 DefaultEmulator Preferences Dialog

FIGURE 21 DefaultEmulator Utilities Window

FIGURE 22 Keystore File Generator

FIGURE 23 Alias List Displaying Alias for Newly Created Key Pair

FIGURE 24 Alias List Dialog Box

FIGURE 25 Certificate Details

FIGURE 26 WMA Console Window

FIGURE 27 Send a Message - SMS Dialog Box


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Java™ 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Wireless Toolkit, Version 2.1