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Fall Semester, 2004
Assignment 2
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Assignment 2

Due Nov 16.

1. Using J2ME develop midlet(s) to keep track of phone numbers of individuals. Each person has two names: first and family name. A user needs to be able to enter names and phone numbers. A user will want to view the list of names ordered by first name or family name. When a user selects a name, they will see the number and have the option of calling that number. The data needs to be stored in persistent storage.

2. A simple game. The user has small paddle (a horizontal line) near the bottom of the screen (see below). The user can move the line left and right. A box travels from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. The box has a y velocity (down) and an x velocity (sideways velocity). The sum of the two velocities is it total velocity. A box appears at a random location at the top of the screen. If the box hits the left or right side of the screen, its x velocity changes direction. If the box hits the paddle its y velocity changes direction. After the user misses 5 boxes, the game is over. Every time the user hits the box with the paddle and prevent the box from disappearing they get points. A run of hits (or run for short) is when the user successfully hits the box. A run ends when the user misses a box. On the first hit in a run of hits they get one point, on the second hit in a run they get two points, and in the k’th hit on a run they get k points. In order to change the difficult of the game the user can change the size of the paddle and the box. Only one box is on the screen at a time. After the user misses a box a new box start at the top. The total velocity of the new box is 10% more than the velocity of the previous box. The distribution of velocity between the y & x directions is random. The box does not have any spin.

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