SDSU CS 683 Emerging Technologies
Spring Semester, 2004
Assignment 1
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Assignment 1

Problem 1 due September 28.
Problem 2 due October 5.
Problem 3 due October 12.

Turn in hard copy of your assignment in class

1. Using Cocoon or Seaside create a web page that has three text input areas, one for XML, one for XSLT and one for CSS. The user can enter text into each of the text input areas. When the user clicks on a button the contents of the three text input areas are reproduced on the page below the text areas.

2. Modify your page in problem one so that when the user clicks on a button two sections of text are displayed below the text input areas. One area of text shows the result of the transformed XML (via the XSLT). The second area of text shows the result of rendering the transformed XML as html with the CSS applied. This is basically the XSLT Transformer at

Changes to Problem 2, Oct 1

Using Cocoon 2.0.x it will be very difficult (not possible with what has been covered in class) to create the second text area, which is to display result of rendering the transformed XML as html with the CSS applied. Using Cocoon 2.1.x this second text area is possible. You are encouraged to upgrade to Cocoon 2.1.x for problem 2, but are not required to do so. If you are using Cocoon 2.0.x you do not have to implement the second text area. However you will have to implement the second text area for problem 3. So if you do so now it will save time later.

There are no changes in problem 2 for those using Seaside.

3. Modify your solution to problem 2 to allow users to save and retrieve XML, XSLT and CSS text. A user does not have to login to use the functionality of problem 2. However if a user wants to save or retrieve data saved in the past they must login in. Once a user has login in during a session they do not have to login again to save/retrieve data during that session. When a user saves XML, XSLT or CSS text they have to provide a name for the text being saved. Give the user the choice of retrieving saved text by either just a list of names of the text or by displaying all the saved text.

Changes to Problem 3, Oct 1

Note, since we have not talked about database access, the saved text only has to be accessable during the session it was created.

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