SDSU CS 580 Client-Server Programming
Fall Semester, 2002
Assignment 5
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Assignment 5 Due 19:00 Dec 19, 2002

Implement at least the following functionality in your room reservation server.

1. The administrator has to be able to indicate the hours each room is available.

2. All users have to be able to view the schedule for a room.

3. An instructor has to be able to make a one-time reservation for a room.

4. An instructor has to be able to cancel a reservation.

5. A student cannot make or cancel a reservation.

The server has to handle multiple client requests at the same time. It must log requests and set relevant parameter via command line and configuration files. A database is to be used to store and read room reservation data.


The assignment is to be done using the language in which you qualified for the course: Smalltalk or Java.


Percent of Grade
Working Code
Quality of Code
Unit Tests

What to Turn in

Turn in hard copy and an electronic copy of your code. Include a description of the tables used in your database. Also include either instructions on how to interact with your server through a socket connection or a program that interacts with the server.

Java people need to place an electronic copy of your code in a CVS repository in your class rohan account (which will be handed out in class). Your account needs to have the environment variable CVSROOT defined. You need to define a module assignment5. Check out the assignment5 module should give the code for this assignment. This includes the unit tests. In ordering the source code place classes related by inheritance together. Place the parent class first followed by the subclasses. If you have exception classes place them together. Place your test classes after all other classes. Place the class containing the main that starts the program first. A one page diagram showing the classes used and their inheritance would be appreciated.

Smalltalk people need to place their code in their store repository. Your assignment will not be considered turned in until I have both your electronic copy and the hard copy of your assignment.

Late Policy

See the course syllabus for the late policy.

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