SDSU CS 580 Client-Server Programming
Fall Semester, 2002
Assignment 4
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Assignment 4 – First Pass at the Server
Due Nov 26, 2002

There are four weeks left in the semester in which we need to implement the room reservation server. Four weeks may seem like a short time, but is it is a long time to go without some milestone. It is important to get feedback on a project while there is sometime to react to the feedback. Given that everyone has there own protocol this assignment will be somewhat vague.

1. Make any changes to your protocol you think are needed.

2. Select a core subset of the protocol to implement. This core should permit a reasonable interaction with the server and require the server to go through all its states.

3. Implement a concurrent server to that implements this core protocol. Use a file to store usernames and passwords. However, you can fake the data in the database by hard coding a response to each request (except for the logging in part). The server should use configuration files and command line arguments to set parameters like port number, maximum number of threads and location of the password file. The server also has to log requests and exceptions to a log file. If your server is stateful it must implement states. Since you will be adding to the code later, you will need (and want) unit tests. You might find it useful to implement a non-gui client to help test your server by hand.


The assignment is to be done using the language in which you qualified for the course: Smalltalk or Java.

Details to be added later.

What to Turn in

Turn in hard copy and an electronic copy of your code. Java people need to place an electronic copy of your code in a CVS repository in your class rohan account (which will be handed out in class). Your account needs to have the environment variable CVSROOT defined. You need to define a module assignment4. Check out the assignment4 module should give the code for this assignment. This includes the unit tests. Smalltalk people need to place their code in their store repository. Your assignment will not be considered turned in until I have both your electronic copy and the hard copy of your assignment.

Late Policy

See the course syllabus for the late policy.

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