SDSU CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Fall Semester, 2001
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Float (Some Types and Control Structures), 5
Fraction (Some Types and Control Structures), 8
Functional Tests (Object, Debugging, Testing), 18
false (Some Types and Control Structures), 2
finding classes (OO Design Exploratory Phase), 6
floor (Some Types and Control Structures), 10
fork (Some Types and Control Structures), 18


halt (Object, Debugging, Testing), 13
has-a (OO Design Exploratory Phase), 22
has-knowledge-of (OO Design Exploratory Phase), 28
heuristics for containment relationship (Doc Title), 29
heuristics for containment relationship (Some Design Heuristics), 29
heuristics for uses relationship (Doc Title), 27
heuristics for uses relationship (Some Design Heuristics), 27

Inheritance (Classes Part 2), 32
Integers (Some Types and Control Structures), 4
Interval (Collections), 2
ifFalse: (Some Types and Control Structures), 19
ifTrue: (Some Types and Control Structures), 19
includes: (Collections), 15
inject:into: (Collections), 25
is-a (OO Design Exploratory Phase), 22
is-analogous-to (OO Design Exploratory Phase), 22
is-kind-of (OO Design Exploratory Phase), 22
is-part-of (OO Design Exploratory Phase), 22, 28
isNil (Object, Debugging, Testing), 4

Johnson's Law (Object, Debugging, Testing), 18
Just-in-time compilers (Introduction), 7

Keyword Messages (Basic Smalltalk Syntax), 16
keysAndValuesDo: (Collections), 20

Launcher (Introduction), 12
Lesson Runner (Introduction), 13
LinkedList (Collections), 3
List (List, Table & Dataset), 2
Literal Array Creation (Collections), 6

MessageNotUnderstood (Exceptions), 3
Messages (Basic Smalltalk Syntax), 9
Modular Design Rule-Avoid Case Statements (Assignment 4 Comments), 21
Modularity Criteria-Composability (Doc Title), 3
Modularity Criteria-Composability (Some Design Heuristics), 3
Modularity Criteria-Continuity (Doc Title), 5
Modularity Criteria-Continuity (Some Design Heuristics), 5
Modularity Criteria-Decomposability (Doc Title), 2
Modularity Criteria-Decomposability (Some Design Heuristics), 2
Modularity Criteria-Protection (Doc Title), 6
Modularity Criteria-Protection (Some Design Heuristics), 6
Modularity Criteria-Understandability (Doc Title), 4
Modularity Criteria-Understandability (Some Design Heuristics), 4
Multiselection (List, Table & Dataset), 5
methods (Classes Part 2), Class, 10
modulo (Some Types and Control Structures), 10

Notification (Exceptions), 3
Numbers (Some Types and Control Structures), 3
namespace (Classes Part 2), 6
new (Collections), 4
new: (Collections), 4
nil (Some Types and Control Structures), 2
notNil (Object, Debugging, Testing), 4

Object (Object, Debugging, Testing), 3
Object-Oriented Paradigm (Classes Part 1), 3
Operate (Introduction), 11
OrderedCollection (Collections), 2
occurencesOf: (Collections), 15
outer (Exceptions), 15

Parent Class (Classes Part 2), 32
Polymorphism (Assignment 4 Comments), 20
Precedence (Basic Smalltalk Syntax), 21
Procedural Paradigm (Classes Part 1), 2
Pseudo-Variables (Classes Part 2), 35
pass (Exceptions), 15
printString (Object, Debugging, Testing), 4

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