SDSU CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Fall Semester, 2001
Exercise 3
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Exercise 3

1. Given the fake movie data below write a program to read the data from a file and store the data as a collection of Movie data objects.

2. Save the collection of Movie data objects in a file using either BOSS or ASCII serialization. Read in the data to insure you can read the file.

3. Allow the user to select a subcollection of list of movie objects. Present the user with a dialog box. The user can enter a boolean expressing involving the variables price and type. For example the user may enter (price < 10.00) & (type = 'DVD'). You then return the list of movies that are under 10.00 and are on DVD.

Movie Data File format for this assignment is:

Movie name;Media Type;Price;Number in stock

Each time is separated by a semi-colon. Each record is separated by a newline.

Sample Data for this assignment:

13 Ghosts;DVD;10.00;4
Monsters, Inc.;VCR;14.60;2
The One;VCR;8.50;12
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within;DVD;13.00;6
Domestic Distrurbance;VCR;8.50;54
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs;DVD;13.00:21
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