Fall Semester, 2000
Assignment 1
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Assignment 1 Web Proxy
Due 18 Sept 2000
Delayed at least two days more in class on monday

You are to implement a Web proxy, a program that is proxy for web servers. Web clients like IE and Netscape send requests to the proxy. The proxy forwards the request to the proper server and returns the server's response. Your proxy is to display the HTTP headers the client sends to the server and the HTTP headers and body of the server's response. Your proxy is to implement HTTP 1.0. Your proxy does not have to use threads. It can handle multiple requests by using the queue on the proxy's server socket. The proxy should continue to handle requests until it is manual terminated.

You will find RFC 1945 Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP/1.0 useful in this assignment. The RFC can be found at: or

You are to turn in hard copy of your source code with unit tests. You will also demo the program.

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